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Music education has always been of massive importance in my work: I've taught and facilitated musical experiences in many settings over the years. I've taught whole classes and individuals, run whole-school singing programmes, assisted teachers in musical settings and am always up for running a workshop!

I was so lucky in my own musical education and I've never lost that feeling I had as a child singing in the choir, finally feeling like I belonged and that I was part of something special. Music gives us so much in life, and I try to create that opportunity for others wherever I can. 

Whilst at university I also attained the LRAM diploma in vocal pedagogy. I have undertaken music leader training with Spitalfields Music and studied teaching using the Kodaly method with the British Kodaly Academy. 


 I currently have roles at Radley College, where I work on Music Partnerships; Southwark Music as a curriculum music teacher; and Voices Foundation as a Choral Practitioner, guiding class teachers in bringing more music to their schools.

Other organisations I've worked/work with include:


The Bach Choir

Kent Music

West Sussex Music

Shakespeare's Globe

Lyndhurst House Prep School

Gayhurst Prep. School

Music in Offices

Platinum Consort

Spitalfields Music 

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